Meeting Minutes

GLPC Annual Meeting June 11, 2022 – Minutes

BOD present: Al Aita (President), Maureen Straight (Secretary), Brian Whitman (Treasurer), Art Herman (Dike and Dam Committee), Barth Neitzel (Dam Tender), Bob Happy (Workday Projects),
Excused (Tim Komdat)

The meeting was held both in-person and on zoom with total attendance (28 +6 respectively) for a total of 34 members present. A quorum was established (twenty percent of total paid membership 48). After the Pledge of Allegiance, President Al Aita called the meeting to order at 10:06.

Secretary’s Report
Maureen Straight presented the minutes from the last annual meeting (June 26, 2021) and asked all attendees to review. No comment or questions received. A motion for approval made by P. Burkhart and seconded by R. Flynn. Accepted unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report
Brian Whitman presented the Account Balances (attached to these minutes). Brian made the recommendation for no increase in Dues ($200) for 22-23. Motion adopted. The suggestion by member (B. Flynn) to add due dates to the membership/dues form adopted and the updated form is attached to these minutes. The form will also be on our website.

President’s report Al reported on the following:
Milfoil treatment was completed; however, the 2nd Follow up survey still needed per DEC. Barry reported on l experiential data from his dive survey that the large beds of milfoil have not returned, and native bottom plants and young fish are now populating the area.

PRISM/Adirondack research
A new contact has been made through the Adirondack Research org to include Glass Lake in this year’s study of small lakes and their aquatic species (native and invasive). Maureen Straight will be the contact point and the date for the survey is June 28th. Carrie Griffon will be the operations manager and has indicated they will also do water quality testing at the same time. A report will be published at the end of their season and will go out to all members.

Thank you to the Windover’s for the use of their launch (again!)

Meeting with attorney with BOD to discuss remedies for Lake abuses was held and discussion is noted below in committee notes.

The Beavers are Back – GLPC has renewed our trapping permit and Al will meet with the trapper this coming week and a plan for removal will be put in place.

GLPC needs volunteers for committees and Board positions!

Committees: purpose, discussion and member volunteers:

Workday Projects: (Bob Happy) Dike clean up. (Tim Komdat)
Al reminded all that the preservation of the dike is the responsibility of the GLPC. Bob Happy will again take the lead for work dates and put out an email for dates and times. GLPC will need volunteers to assist. All volunteers would be welcome! Please contact Bob Happy ( ) or Tim Komdat (

Teal Creek Blocked Culvert (Art Herman/ Al Aita). Art Herman reported on the blocked culvert and members heard from those whose property boarder that culvert as to its poor condition. Al also pointed out that the continuation of this problem impacts the integrity of the dike, and the dike influences the dam. The name of the company Art is in touch with Shelgren Construction, but they are not currently free. Al would like other bids obtained and move the timeline up ASAP. The following members volunteered for this committee: Stephen Ryan and Joe Palladino. More volunteers would be welcome! Please contact Al ( ) or Art (

Dam maintenance (Barth Neitzel)
Barth reported on the damage to the west side of the dam from both the flood of 2021 and the heavy rains (avg 3.5 in per July through October) The resulting damage to the stone face as well as the central support needs to be addressed this year. Stephen Ryan will follow up on seeking a grant for full repair of dam and bridge and volunteered to assist Barth in what is needed and seek volunteers who will do repairs. More volunteers would be welcome! Please contact Barth (

Lake Rights/ Lake Abuses (Al Aita)
The following members have volunteered to assist: Peter Burkhart, Bob Flynn, Cindy Herman and Charlie Wilcox
Al and board member have been in touch with attorneys Andrew Brick and Lawrence Howard to discuss remedies for marine abuses on Glass Lake. The purpose of this committee is to support the
quality of the Glass-Lake-Life. This year there have been several properties who have violated, perhaps not knowingly, the Town ordinances. A letter is being drafted by counsel and will be sent to all Glass Lake property owners reminding all that the use of motor craft on the Lake is governed by a Town ordinance (all of the lakes are included) and no “non-landowners” motor craft may be stored OR used on the lake.
In addition, this committee will research, with our legal counsel, the feasibility of establishing an HOA. Members present supported this plan. Initial action is to send out the letter to lakefront property owners.
P. Burkhart commented on the “all lakes” meeting held in the spring of this year and felt that lake serenity was a topic raised by many of the lake associations. The lakes include Burden, Glass, Crooked, Crystal, Snyder. Al agreed and has been in contact with Larry McKeough/Gary Favro from Burden Lake.
There is a meeting July 22 from Burden Lake. The meeting will discuss Burden Lake’s success in defeating a developer’s plan to develop the lake and grant all access. Peter’s comment was that we
can learn something from their success. This meeting will be open to the public and a notice will be sent out via email to members. This group, Burden, Glass, Crooked, Crystal, Snyder is also hosting History Night July 27 at 7 PM. More information is on our website
Boaters Guidelines are published on our website and are included with these minutes for your convenience. Share them with your neighbors!

Tabled. The timing for them is next year. We will need candidates/volunteers for the 4 board positions
whose terms will expire. We welcome all to apply. Please contact Al to sign on and with any questions. ( )

New Business
No new items were raised by the members.
A motion to Adjourn
Proposed by Bob Flynn and seconded by Stephen Ryan and approved by all present.
Meeting adjourned at 11:46.