Boater’s Guide

At the Annual Meeting of June 11, 2022, the Board and membership discussed “Lake Rules” currently in effect. These in the past were developed by the Glass Lake Association [social organization], but subsequently were developed and promulgated by the GLPC.


Users must know and comply with all New York State Rules and Regulations.

Boat Operations :

  • On boat take-off, be certain the boat has the right of way and necessary room before moving onto the lake.
  • Conduct all waterskiing and power boating over 5 mph in a counter-clockwise direction.
  • All boats more than 100 feet from shore must follow the counter­ clockwise pattern when there is other traffic on the lake.
  • Boats must remain at least 100 feet away from divers’ flags or buoys.
  • Waterski only between 10 AM and sunset, Monday thru Saturday, and from 11 AM to sunset on Sunday.
    1. Limit all other types of boating to 5 mph before 10 AM or 11 AM (as given above) and after sunset.  This courtesy will give the lake residents quiet periods, and provide those who like to fish an opportunity to do so under favorable conditions.
    2. All boats with water skiers or like activities must have an observer at least 10 years of age on board.
  • Waterskiing and powerboating over 5 mph by law must be at least 100 feet from shore.

Unless accompanied by a boat, swim within 100 feet of shore.

Use a tube and flag when skin-diving or operating below the surface of the water.

These rules have been adopted by the Glass Lake Association, Inc. and are reprinted for the benefit of all Glass Lake residents and visitors.  July 1988


New York State Laws & Regulations:

Key Provisions:


NYS Boater’s Guide

Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation: Boating Navigation Law

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