July 2021 — Thank you Thania Leckonby!


July 4, 2020 – God Bless America!

July 2, 2020 – Never have seen a storm like it on the lake

June 2020

The rain comes at last, June 30th

Thania Leckonby captured a photo of an enormous turtle surfacing near their house.  The Glass Lake Sea Monster lives.

Tim and Mary Komdat

August 2019

Barry Leckonby works a miracle with Holly Flynn’s precious engagement ring… in 9 feet of water.  Holly’s post reads that on Saturday night August 24th, during a rough docking her engagement ring of 47 years became crushed and the diamond fell into 9 feet of water.  Barry Leckonby, an experienced scuba diver, spent over 5 hours searching over the course of 2 days.  When he found the lucky penny they knew… shortly thereafter was Holly’s precious diamond.  Thank you Barry for your patience and expertise!!!


5 AM Glass Lake Standoff courtesy of Linda Hastings, August 13

July is dressed up, and playing her tune.

Unexpected (the best kind) gathering on Rutherford’s raft –  July 26, 2019

Ageless Jean Stinson on her morning commute:

Barry L. the Master behind a MasterCraft:

The start of Summer 2019


Summers Past

Broderick clan thrown out of pontoon boat by the kids


View from 43/66 and fun at Komdat’s

Dave Leckonby’s airplane

Thank you Todd Shoemaker, Jr. for these beautiful pictures.

Flag Raising, Memorial Day 2018


Anne and Barth Neitzel’s, Memorial Day Weekend 2017

The Clean Up (for more photos click on “Events” and scroll down to Clean Up Day).

Sailboats, paddle boards… classic summer days… 2017

The Storm, August 12, 2017 from Julia’s and Charlie’s perspective…

Labor Day, 2017

Summers Past… (for more lake shots see photo gallery at bottom of each page)